LIFEUK: A Guide to Life in the UK


LIFEUK: A Guide to Life in the UK

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A practical and helpful guide to living in the UK, specifically for international students who have just arrived in the UK.

This small and fun booklet will help international students with living in the UK. From dealing with money to the British weather, from public transport to queuing – this booklet contains many useful hints and tips to living in and adapting to the UK. This booklet is perfect for international students starting at a British university, but it would also be useful for any long-term visitor to the UK.

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Published: 2014
Publisher: Friends International
Pages: 59 (paperback)

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LIFEUK Contents: 

  • • Introduction — The aims of the booklet.
  • • Life at University — Key facts to know while studying in the UK.
  • • General Information — Habits, language and traditions of the British people.
  • • British Food — Traditional British food and mealtime names.
  • • Medical — What to do if you are ill.
  • • Transport & Accommodation — How to travel across the UK and where to stay.
  • • Letters & Parcels — Rules regarding using the British postal system.
  • • Shopping — When, where and how to shop.
  • • Communications & Electrical — Mobile phones, contact numbers and television licences.
  • • Money — Changing & saving money and finding a job.
  • • Public Holidays & UK Map — Holiday dates and location of various UK cities/towns.