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Folder Other Cultures, Religions and Worldviews


pdf Working with Iranians (2604 downloads) Published Popular

A basic introduction to working with Iranians, written in 2004. Links to additional resources provided.

pdf Working with Western Europeans (2042 downloads) Published Popular
A brief sketch of the history of Christianity in Europe and the church scene there today, plus some tips for witnessing to Western European students.
pdf Ministering to students from Central/Eastern Europe (2206 downloads) Published Popular
Highlights some of the political and economic realities, social pressures and cultural changes that shape these students.
pdf The African Worldview (4258 downloads) Published Popular
An engaging introduction to 2 major influences of the African worldview – the centrality of community and rural/urban lifestyles.
pdf Sharing the Gospel with those of other faiths (2294 downloads) Published Popular
Discussion questions & case studies to help people think through how to share the gospel with those from a different culture/worldview from themselves. A good introduction.
pdf Roman Catholicism (2124 downloads) Published Popular
A brief (6 page) document sketching key Roman Catholic beliefs and how to witness to Roman Catholics. Highlights some of the complexities.
pdf Relating to East Asians (2259 downloads) Published Popular
Identifies a few key aspects of East Asian worldview and culture, and suggests ways of relating well and communicating the gospel to East Asians.
pdf Making Friends with Japanese (3446 downloads) Published Popular
A 29-page booklet outlining Japanese history, culture and worldview, with advice regarding friendship and evangelism.
pdf Postmodernism (2380 downloads) Published Popular
Describes and illustrates a few popular/pervasive aspects of a postmodern view of the world.
pdf Jehovahs Witnesses leaflet (3272 downloads) Published Popular
A simple handout that can be given to students to help them distinguish Jehovah's Witnesses from mainstream Christianity
pdf Eastern Orthodoxy (2452 downloads) Published Popular
Outlines the history of the Eastern Orthodox Church, how it differs from evangelicalism, and how we can relate to those who come from this tradition.
pdf East meets West (Red Blue) Infographics (2798 downloads) Published Popular
Yang Liu's popular graphics depicting the differences between East and West.
pdf Cults leaflet (2359 downloads) Published Popular
A simple handout that can be given to students to help them distinguish cults from mainstream Christianity.
pdf Toolkit for Working with Chinese 2019 (5372 downloads) Published Popular

Recommended books, websites, newsletters, videos, conferences, networks, etc. Updated Feb 2019.

pdf Toolkit for Working with Europeans (2320 downloads) Published Popular

Recommended books, websites, bulletins, videos, networks, etc.

pdf Overview of World Religions (1586 downloads) Published Popular

8 page document outlining the spectrum of world religions, the biblical view of other religions and the uniqueness of the Gospel. From International Students, Inc. ©1993, 2004

pdf Is Jesus the only way to God (1563 downloads) Published Popular

8 defense of the exclusive claims of Jesus Christ, from International Students, Inc. ©1995

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