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pdf Sample Publicity (1712 downloads) Published Popular

Sample leaflets advertising a CAMEO group and a CAMEO bible study, as well as a brief explanation of CAMEO to univeristy/school authorities. 

pdf Sample team documents (1653 downloads) Published Popular

Includes: CAMEO team member guidelines from an established group, spelling out the ministry approach and commitment required, and also refreshment guidelines. (CAMEO = Come and Meet Each Other.)

pdf Relating to women of other faiths (1468 downloads) Published Popular

What do we have in common, how do we learn more about their faith and share ours? Practical and encouraging. 

pdf Starting a Wives Ministry (1425 downloads) Published Popular

Top tips and questions to think through and discuss as you start an outreach ministry to international wives. Also helpful for developing relationships with women in your Mums & Toddlers groups. 

pdf Caring for spouses and children (1682 downloads) Published Popular

Tips for beginning a ministry for spouses (wives particularly) and children of international students. Topics include starting a team, publicity and safeguarding. 

pdf Activity Ideas for International Wives Groups (1790 downloads) Published Popular

Ideas for activities, including discussion sheets on "Food", "Healthcare", "Children and Parenting" etc. 

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