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Folder Setting up and Running a Cafe Ministry


pdf Team Guidelines and Application (740 downloads) Published

An example of a leaflet explaining the aims of Cafe and the commitment and conduct required of team members, with an insert application form. From Birmingham.

pdf Sample Welcome Leaflet (1008 downloads) Published Popular

A leaflet welcoming international students to Globe Cafe, explaining who runs it and what it's for.

pdf Ideas for Encouraging Prayer for Café Ministry (957 downloads) Published
Ideas compiled from various Cafes.
pdf Guidelines for churches activities with international student (874 downloads) Published
Best practice guidelines so that team members are all on the same page. Having such guidelines in place is reassuring for university/language school authorities too.
pdf Team Handbook Example B (1318 downloads) Published Popular

An example of a Cafe Team Handbook from Bournemouth. It introduces cross-cultural friendships and evangelism and gives practical advice for being on team.

pdf Team Handbook Example A (1290 downloads) Published Popular

An example of a Cafe Team handbook from Newcastle. Sets out the cafe background, expectations of team members, Code of Conduct, Statement of Faith, & Child Protection Policy.

pdf Factors that influence attendance at our Cafes (Cafe Survey Report 2015) (1560 downloads) Published Popular

A survey of cafes for international students was done in 2015 with the purpose of analysising what factors increased or decresed attendance. This is the report of that survey.

pdf Risk Assessments (1672 downloads) Published Popular

The what, why and how of doing a risk assessment for Cafe trips and weekends away.

pdf Guidelines for setting up an international cafe (2349 downloads) Published Popular

12 page document outlining the whys and hows of setting up and running an effective international café.

pdf Cafe Ministry (2069 downloads) Published Popular

Questions to consider and practical suggestions for starting an International Café

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