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Folder 90min Lesson Plans

90min lesson plans by Lynne Martin, with discussion questions, activities and handouts. Intermediate-advanced.


pdf Culture Shock - cultural awareness quiz answers (504 downloads) Published

Provides answers for the quiz on Page 5 of "Culture Shock!" below. 

pdf Culture Shock! (483 downloads) Published

Explores the theme "Cultural behaviour - is there right and wrong?"

pdf Auction Evening (2416 downloads) Published Popular

What do you value most?

pdf Big Brother is watching (2381 downloads) Published Popular

The place for privacy.

pdf Change is here to stay (2293 downloads) Published Popular

Living in a world that is constantly changing.

pdf Communication breakdown (3903 downloads) Published Popular

Speaking and listening, and how communication can go wrong.

pdf Getting to know you (2526 downloads) Published Popular

Discussion questions & activities for students to get to know each other.

pdf News and Views (2306 downloads) Published Popular

What should the papers print?

"I have enjoyed being in the UK."

"I have made so many good friends."

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