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pdf Welcoming International Students discussion questions (2008 downloads) Published Popular
These questions are to accompany the book ‘Welcoming International Students: A Guide for Churches’ by Catherine Weston, which is available from the Friends International online Book Shop.
pdf How to make your church internationally friendly (2188 downloads) Published Popular

A frank take on the matter.

pdf How to welcome new international students (2474 downloads) Published Popular

Helps you prepare well for welcoming new international students at the start of the year.

pdf Church Services (2367 downloads) Published Popular

How to make Sunday Services more international student friendly. Includes a handout explaining communion to students new to church.

pdf Setting up a Hospitality Scheme (Updated version) (2897 downloads) Published Popular

Detailed advice on how to set up and maintain an inter-church hospitality scheme linking church families with international students. 

pdf Hints for Hosting International Students (6127 downloads) Published Popular

Useful leaflet to give to Christians new to hosting international students. (Website link) (3290 downloads) Published Popular

"I have enjoyed being in the UK."

"I have made so many good friends."

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