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The Philip Project - Dundee
Raising Faithful Bible Teachers
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Dundee & St Andrews Philip Project

For more information about the Philip Project in Dundee or St Andrews, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2017-2018 Programme:

21st October  -  Bible Timeline (Harry Mealyea)
11th November  -  Biblical Interpretation (Pauline Hoggarth)
2nd December  -  Old Testament Narrative (Harry Mealyea)
27th January  -  The Law and Ceremonies (Fiona Barnard)                                                                
9th – 11thth Febuary  -  Parables (Adrian Lough)     
10th  March  -  Old Testament Prophecy (Andy Robinson)
31st March  -  Old Testament Wisdom Lit. (David Randall)                    
21st April - New Testament Letters (Paul Clarke)
5th May  -  Revalation and Apocalyptic Lit. (Robert Calvert)


Philip Project Dundee & St Andrews 2016-17 Programme (PDF, 1.6 Mb)


"I have learnt so much since starting the Philip Project..."

" knowledge about the Bible has greatly improved."

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