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Bookshop Summer Sale: 2019

Our online shop has books that are incredibly useful for both international students, and for churches wanting to reach internationals.
With our summer sale you can get any of our books with a massive 30% off. Simply use this discount code at checkout: SUMMER2019
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International students will find 'LIFEUK', a guide to living in the UK, and 'Returning Home?' a workbook for tacking issues of returning to a home culture. Churches will benefit from our Visa and ID courses, which introduce Christianity and train up new Christians - all in simple English and in a cultrally sensitive way.
Finally, Insight - 10th Annivesary booklet - is a fascinating collection of articles which are helpful for anyone involved in Chrsitian outreach to international students. 

Report: Word Alive 2019

We had a fantastic time on the international student track at Word Alive, in Prestatyn.
There were over 100 people in our morning Bible talks (Peter Teagle & Chris Richardson) and Seminars ('Work', 'Relationships' and 'Ghosts, gods, spirits and ancestors') with 12 discussion groups of many languages and nationalities each afternoon.

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Events Weeks 2019 - Lancaster

At Lancaster University the Events Week – ‘STORY Lancaster’ – took place at the end of February and was an amazing time!
Each night we had good numbers, 120 - 200 of which were international students. The evenings started with a meal and then followed by an international talk, which I gave, interspersed with testimonies and music features. Then later there were main session talks with Bruce Gillingham. It was great to have a blended programme for internationals and British students.
There has been an excellent partnership between Friends International and UCCF, which was really positive and a good model which could be adopted elsewhere.
19 people indicated praying prayers of commitments, 5 came along to a follow up course the following Monday, and a number of people are now doing the Uncover studies. 
— Tom Hudson, Staff Worker Durham


Events Weeks 2019 - Canterbury

Excitement rose among the students as they gathered on the top floor of Pret A Manger at 7.30 am on Monday morning for Prayer. This was the official start of their City Wide Missions week called “Something More?”. 
After the prayer meeting each morning they went on to the campuses of the different Canterbury universities to give out leaflets and engage with students. They were accompanied by the UCCF South East team of Staff and Relay Workers – who had come to Canterbury to help with the week.
Every day events were put on to get students thinking about a particular topic, like Identity, Suffering, Success, Freedom, and Hope. During the day each university organised a free lunch and a talk on these topics, with a Q&A afterwards. I was coordinating the International Meals with a message that happened early evening from Monday to Friday.
Dick Dowsett gave culturally sensitive and contextualised evangelistic talks for the international students. After these, we invited them all to head to the evening events at the Cathedral Lodge, with musical performances, interviews & testimonies told by students and talks by Dave McNee and other UCCF workers.
As far as we know at least two students made faith commitments, and many others wanted to learn more. Then all those interested met at the follow-up breakfast and talk on Saturday. I was particularly encouraged that our speaker  prayed with a number of international students, one of who is from Iran now wants to follow Jesus and get baptised.
Pray for all those who attended events and heard the talks, that the Holy Spirit would continue to work in their hearts and draw them closer to Him. 
— Baiba Strause-Kalmere, Staff Worker Canterbury


Events Weeks 2019 - Liverpool

"The international track of the University of Liverpool CU Events Week took place 18 – 22 February and involved early evening events, prior to the main evening events. The activities were ‘The Great British Cake Off’, ‘Board Games’ and ‘Tour of Britain’, and involved delicious food but also being taught some Irish dancing on the last evening.
The talks were all based on passages from Mark’s Gospel and were:
  • Reacting to a God who gives us a fresh start,
  • Reacting to a God who fulfils our potential,
  • Reacting to a God who loves us.
The CU run a Globe Café and a number of regulars from there came to the events, although numbers declined as the week progressed. There were some good conversations, especially after the talk on Monday; with one Chinese student confiding that he was almost ready to follow Jesus but still had a few doubts to work through.
The events were a good opportunity to present the internationals who came with a clear explanation of the gospel and the CU international team showed their commitment to reaching their international friends with the gospel."
— Graham & Sabine Stockton

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