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Hosting International Students... even on Christmas Day!

Pictured: Some of our Malaysian student guests with my daughter (far-right))
The main reason why we host international students is to give friendship and encouragement.
Our first meeting is often at a coffee shop near their university or college. This makes it easier for the student to accept an invitation and to get to know us in a more familiar environment. 

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2,000 International Students connecting with local Christians

A new app is making it possible for international students to find dedicated events for them, run by local Christians.
Over 2,000 students have downloaded the new Friends International app, which is specifically designed for students who have come to the UK to study. During their short stay they can use the app to find and join events, Bible Studies, trips and hosting schemes – all organised for them by local Christians. 
The app, freely available on Apple and Android devices, only launched in September but has already been warmly received by large numbers of students. It is proving to be an incredibly efficient and practical way to connect with these students. 
Rebecca, who organises an International Café in Glasgow, said: “I’ve told all the international students I know to download the app. Now they can see all our up-coming events and get in contact with us easily if they want to.”
The app also boasts a very handy guide to living in the UK, which any international student would find beneficial. Students using the app can read blogs, take surveys, and are invited to submit their own stories of studying abroad.
Over 450,000 international students study at UK universities and some 400,000 come to study English in language schools. The new Friends International app is allowing even more of these visiting students to meet local Christians, attend church for the first time, and discover who Jesus really is.
Since 1985 Friends International has served and shared Jesus with students who are studying abroad in the UK, and encouraged and equipped churches and Christian Unions to do the same. 
They operate in almost 40 university towns and cities across the UK, and have over 60 full and part-time workers befriending and sharing Jesus with international students.


Further information is available from Jack Bentley, the Friends International Communications & Media Coordinator. Tel: 01920 460006 Email:
Friends International Ministries is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales no. 4500270 and a registered charity no. 1094095


Introducing our New App!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new app! This is the app that every international student in the UK needs! 

With this app international students can:

  • Find local events and activities
  • Access a guide to the UK
  • Sign-up to be hosted locally
  • Read international student blogs
  • Share their story
  • Enter competitions





If you have questions about the app please contact:

Report 1: Summer Teams 2018

Manchester International Outreach (MIO)

On the first Sunday the team was commissioned at Grace Church and later prayed for at Holy Trinity Platt. 
Each morning the team met for a training seminar on various cross-cultural topics, to equip them for relating to the international students during the evening cafés. In the afternoons they did flyering at the language schools and universities, inviting the students to the evening café.

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