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Report 1: Summer Teams 2018

Manchester International Outreach (MIO)

On the first Sunday the team was commissioned at Grace Church and later prayed for at Holy Trinity Platt. 
Each morning the team met for a training seminar on various cross-cultural topics, to equip them for relating to the international students during the evening cafés. In the afternoons they did flyering at the language schools and universities, inviting the students to the evening café.

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Summer Teams 2018

This summer there will be outreach teams in six diffrerent cities, who will be befriending and inviting international students to join an exciting programme of activities.
Students will have the chance to join in with cafes, sports competitions, Bible studies among other things. Here are the 2018 summer teams:
  • CANTERBURY: 1st - 15th July 2018
  • DUBLIN: 10th - 26th August 2018
  • EDINBURGH: June 30th - July 14th 2018
  • MANCHESTER: 30th June - 13th July 2018
  • OXFORD14th - 28th July 2018
  • CAMBRIDGE: TEAM 1: 8th-22nd July; TEAM 2: 22nd July - 5th August; TEAM 3: 5th-19th August; TEAM 3X: 19th-26th August 2018
If you want to find out more about the individual teams, then go to this page:
If you want to pray for the summer teams please download our latest Prayer Diary here: 


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Prayer Mate is an app which can bring you weekly prayer points from Friends International straight to your phone. In fact, you can use it to pray for many different Chrsitian charities and churches. It also enables you to input your own personal prayer needs, you can use it to remind yourself to pray for that person at work or for your relative who is unwell. 
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'Home Away From Home' - Watch the Trailer!

After months of very intense and gruelling filming, ‘Home Away From Home’ has been completed!

The film is an original concept following the journey of a fictitious character called Michelle who travels from China to Edinburgh to study. The cross-cultural differences lead to a number of comical and more serious issues that arise for Michelle. One of the bigger struggles that she faces is the different approach to alcohol consumption and late night partying in the UK.

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