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TRUE Leadership 2019 - Report

Our fifth annual TRUE Leadership retreat took place in the heart of the Peak District on 7-10th June 2019. The core team were joined by 26 students and coaches from 13 nations for a programme of leadership teaching, teamwork and coaching.
Investing in international students is a great way to show that we value them. Teaching leadership also opens up opportunities for conversation with them about issues that matter.
At the retreat we combined teaching sessions with group activities and discussion groups to stimulate, challenge and inspire students to grow as leaders. Key topics included: Belbin’s Team Roles, crucial conversations, emotional and cultural intelligence, ethics, and presentations.
It was encouraging to see so many significant conversations taking place. While our faith was not explicitly taught, there were many occasions where students picked up on it and asked about it.
At a group discussion time, the question was asked “who do you consider to be a great leader?” and one student answered: “it used to be Steve Jobs, but now it is Jesus”. This led to her being asked to share her testimony to the rest of the group.
One week after the retreat, one student wrote: “I am still excited about the time we spent together during True Leadership. I’ve never enjoyed a training so much like this. It was much beyond my expectation. I want to say thanks to you again.
We pray the students will continue their journey of leadership growth, and that they were provoked to explore Jesus further.
— Douglas Humphris



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